Concept and production of a podcast in collaboration with Otto von Busch & Mikaila Brown


AN ABC OF FASHION by Johanna Schwab with Mikalia Brown and Otto von Busch

This podcast was part of NOBODY`S FASHION WEEK and presents a very special ABC of Fashion. Listen to two highly creative, profund and critical-engaged fashion minds. Listen to Mikaila Brown, fashion anthropologist and entrepreneur and Otto von Busch, writer, hacktivist and Parsons professor. I, Johanna Schwab, co-curator of Nobody’s Fashion Week, gave them a selection of words for each letter, they chose one and started talking spontaneously. They were encouraged to bring their unique lense and background, resulting in a very personal and specific collection. New, surprising, and philosophical perspectives on words related to the sphere of fashion emerge. You’ll find lots of ideas and thoughts around the question: How to make fashion a better place?