Co-Curating a Conference and Giving a Workshop :


Museumsakademie Joanneum @ MAK Vienna
11/23 -11/24

Is it just fashion?  Just a fashion? In addition to exhibitions with broad appeal that are dedicated to paying homage to fashion icons or depict fashion as a mode of representing power or the avant-garde, recent exhibition projects have shown a variety of approaches that go beyond stylization. More and more frequently, sociopolitical issues are negotiated through fashion in exhibitions: Clothing is increasingly being addressed in its socio-cultural diversity, fashion (production) is being questioned as a focal point of global inequality or taken as a gesture of subversion as a point of reference for museum debate. Based on this and looking back at pioneering museum clothing shows, we ask about the motifs, potentials and effects of a critical approach to fashion in exhibitions. Which fashion finds its way into the museum and why? What themes are opened up through fashion, what narratives can be negotiated? What possibilities of exhibiting and communicating are available, beyond stylization and myth-making? How do conservational intentions correlate with content-related intentions? What scenographies are created in discursive fashion exhibitions? And – last but not least – what can we learn from fashion?

Event coordination

Johanna Schwab Artist and curator, Berlin (DE) 

Karoline Boehm Management team Museumsakademie, Graz (AT) 


Aïcha Abbadi Fashion artist, Berlin (DE)

Imen Bousnina Fashion designer, creative director at Salam Oida and co-curator Muslim*Contemporary, Vienna (AT)

Kathrin Pallestrang Curator, Textile and Clothing Collection, Volkskundemuseum Vienna (AT)

Magdalena Puchberger Curator and Editor ÖZV,  Volkskundemuseum Vienna (AT)

Maria Raid Research Associate Textile and Clothing Collection, Provenance Research, Volkskundemuseum Vienna (AT)

Lara Steinhäußer Curator, Collection of Textiles and Carpets, MAK Vienna (DE)

Monica Titton Sociologist, fashion theorist and cultural critic, University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)

Laura Wagner Mediation and Outreach, MAK Vienna (AT)


"Critical fashion knowledge in the museum: a review of the relationship between fashion and criticism", lecture by Monica Titton, photo: Museumsakademie/A. Fras
"Rudofsky's Are Clothes Modern? at the New York MoMA (1944) as an exemplary fashion exhibition", lecture by Lara Steinhäußer, photo: Museumsakademie/A. Fras
"Critical Consumption. Can an exhibition encourage conscious fashion consumption?!" exhibition tour with Lara Steinhäußer and Laura Wagner, photo: Museumsakademie/A. Fras
"Muslim Contemporary. About Modest Fashion, a festival and possibilities of intervention", lecture by Imen Bousnina, photo: Museumsakademie/A. Fras
"Contemporary fashion workshop: field research and curating", workshop with Aïcha Abbadi and Johanna Schwab, photo: Museumsakademie/A.Fras
"Contemporary fashion workshop: field research and curating", workshop with Aïcha Abbadi and Johanna Schwab, photo: Aïcha Abbadi
"Delicate material. Show textiles, collection history and provenance", exhibition tour & conversation with Kathrin Pallestrang, Magdalena Puchberger and Maria Raid, photo: Museumsakademie/A.Fras