2013 until now

painted textiles

layered fabrics

embellished clothes

Arranged important motifs in the studio
Painted Banner "Fox Fairy", photo by Gerald Zahn
Painted pants: "Baroque", photo by Gerald Zahn
Digital drawing of the banner
Painted pullover, sewn by Julie Strom, called: "Heart College", photo by Oliver Schuh
Painted dress "Heart College", sewn by Julie Strom, photo by Oliver Schuh
Later added stitches and fringes to the dress from above
Painted dress "Heart College" sewn by Julie Strom, photo by Oliver Schuh
"Fiery fringes", bleached dressed and handmade fringes, photo by Gerald Zahn
Handmade extended collar: "Cartridge"
"Baroque Bouquet", bleached and painted shirt, all over the outfit hand sewn sequins
Cut and sewn back together shirt, hand sewn sequins
Hoop skirt covered with paper and painted
"Paisley", hoop skirt covered with paper and painted, photo by Oliver Schuh
Dyed pullover with accessoires, photo by Oliver Schuh
Bleached and painted pants "Fern", photo by Sophie Mashraki
photo by Sophie Mashraki
Fern pants carried through surroundings of Los Angeles, CA
"Eyes", sequins sewn on by hand
"Bra", sewn on by hand
Stitched and hand sewn fringes